Does your business want professional development that is presentation specific? Do you have a conference coming up where your attendees would benefit from learning about how to make better slides or designs? Make It Memorable does group and corporate training that can customize any of our workshops into what your department needs. We also run presentations periodically throughout the year if you would prefer to join our generic presentations, click the links below.

The following are workshops that can be adjusted to accommodate your business/conference. They can be workshops or keynotes.

Deconstructing Presentations

Stop struggling with presentations. In this workshop, we’ll use the power of science to deconstruct what works and what doesn’t in presentations. We’ll guide you through what the science says, and leave you with tips to create a memorable and influential talk.

Decoding Slide Design

Visuals and slide design can seem overwhelming. In this workshop, we’ll walk you through the language of visuals and how you can decode the rules that make up how we process visuals. We’ll show you how to apply the rules of the visual language to your slides and leave you never guessing again and how to make effective visuals.

Demystifying PowerPoint

Understanding the theory is important, but sometimes it’s difficult to your newfound knowledge into practice. This workshop will walk participants through how to use the tools in PowerPoint (or Google Slides or Keynote) to make slides more impactful. It builds on the theories discussed in Deconstructing and Decoding. Laptops with presentation software are needed.

Danielle is one of my top go-to professionals for the science behind visual design and communication. She delivers high-quality, science-based recommendations for improving presentations. Our NC State Summer Scholars in the Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Science Sciences (FBNS) education program have described her workshops as ‘most useful,’ ‘impactful,’ and ‘outstanding!
— Julie Yamamoto, North Carolina State University

Delivering With Confidence

Do you get nervous presenting in front of others? Do you struggle to communicate persuasively when presenting? This workshop will walk you through how to appear confident when presenting on-stage or online. We’ll review word choice, body language, our unconscious tendencies, and techniques to radiate confidence.

Developing engagement (in your virtual session)

In this workshop, we’ll talk about how you can present better virtually through your content, pacing, and video. We’ll cover visual distractions and how they should be avoided as well as ways to engage your audience. We’ll dive into tips to engage your audience, and what different platforms have to offer.

Designing Habits

Habits are built by small changes over time. They require reframing cues and cravings, giving yourself a reward for a changed response, and maintaining motivation. During this habit-building workshop, we will walk through how habits are created and untangled, why they are hard to change, and leave everyone with a step-by-step roadmap of how each individual will change their presentation habits moving forward.

The Psychology of Design

Graphic Designers know how to make something look good but are often not taught the science behind why something looks good or what makes designs memorable. This course walks designers through the psychology principles that are relevant to their craft, and how they can use these principles to persuade target audiences to complete their call to action.

I really enjoyed Make It Memorable’s talk at the regional conference this past Friday. Thank you for your insight and work.
-– AMWA attendee

I rarely give all 5’s, but this was the best training I’ve ever attended at RTI. Should be required for all staff! Looking forward to the others in the series.
-– Conference Attendee

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