Being concise is hard. Disseminating information is difficult. And often, those are very different skills than what we use daily. Especially in science fields, being thorough and detailed is rewarded.

Make It Memorable was designed to help. We have worked with researchers, universities, non-profits, and speakers from all walks of life to help them tell their stories. We love data and don’t make pretty presentations; we make memorable presentations.

We tell stories without losing the integrity of the data or the research behind it.

We don’t tell fluff. We influence. We connect. We make you memorable.

It was an absolute delight to experience your session on making presentations memorable.  It was a real treat to see how professional, well-prepared and engaging you were; the creative energy in the room that you helped generate was palpable. It is credit to you that you created a safe environment for engaging in the materials, and you had us all on the edge of our seats the whole time you were speaking. The general feedback from the team is that you were the best speaker we had seen in quite some time. You left us all with actionable tips that empowered and enabled us to create better presentations. I cannot recommend you highly enough
— Martin Warters, Director, Learner Experience and Instructional Design