Do you have a big speech coming up and want some guidance?

Make It Memorable is here to help! We’ve worked with keynote speakers, conference presenters, oral proposal presenters, TEDx talkers, and everyone in between. We can help craft your content, get you to stop saying “umm,” create killer slides, and give you a confidence boost going into the presentation.

If you have a group presentation, we’re also expert facilitators and can help your group come to a consensus. We can lead you through one of our mini workshops to help everyone get on the same page, and use that momentum to create a storyboard that resonates with your audience.

Are you nervous when you speak and want to be more confident?

It’s normal to get nervous when you’re giving a speech, but it’s easier to feel confident and at ease when you know your talk will connect with the audience, be memorable, and influence your target customers.

Our proven techniques help you feel more confident on the big day feel prepared and stop using filler words. You know, like, um, uh, so, I mean, well… We gravitate towards these when we’re trying to remember our words. Practice definitely helps, but if you don’t have hours to memorize every presentation you want to give, give us a call to help train you out of relying on those.

Let’s build something together.