Oral Proposals can be terrifying. They’re relatively new, each client (and mission) is a bit different in what they’re looking for, and your team might not feel confident public speaking.

The good news is Make It Memorable is here to guide you through the process.

Danielle Hennis is our lead facilitator and oral proposal presentation specialist.
She developed a facilitated process that currently has over a 95% win rate!

The process is based on peer-reviewed science and is designed to produce a final presentation that will connect with the client, distinguish you from the competition, and put your presenters at ease. We’ll start with audience analysis and work our way through to storyboarding a presentation with targeted messaging that will stand out from the competition.

Our presentation designers will work with your team to ensure that our imagery and illustrations speak to the client and/or country, we’ll confirm that the slides are in line with the RFP requirements technically, designwise, and contentwise, and we’ll make sure that the slides shine to showcase your winning technical approach and team.

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks for the oral proposal presentation process. If you have a tighter deadline, please contact us to see what we can offer.

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